Surfing is the oldest purest of water sports. The ancient Hawaiians created surfing for pure enjoyment. Surfers in a way have always been explorers. Surfing is how us band of adventurers came to call the Dominican Republic home. We came here hearing stories of lots of waves with no one riding them. Encuentro is the home of the Dominican Republic’s surf scene. Luckily it is only a few minutes from Cabarete.

In Playa Encuentro you will find many surf schools to take lessons, rent boards, or gather any surf information. The mornings are busy, but the locals are friendly and always willing to give you advice or answer your questions.

Within a short drive from Cabarete there quite a few “secret spots” the break depending on swell direction. It is possible to find a wave to yourself or with just a handful of others. All the north coast of the Dominican Republic there are miles of beaches with different types of waves. There are hollow and fast beach breaks, peeling reef breaks, and a couple of point breaks that make for an exciting day in the surf.

We would be happy to arrange any type of surf trip you are looking for. Possibly you are interested in surfing and want to take a beginner surfing lesson or perhaps you are an experienced surfer and want to see what all the north coast has to offer. Surf safaris can be arranged upon request and we are always happy to pass along any surfing information that you might have questions about.

Once you experience the feeling of catching a wave the rest of your life changes. It did for all of us and we are more than happy to make your surfing dreams a reality. Feel free to contact us about more information about surfing in the Dominican Republic.


Cabarete is the Mecca of kite boarding. Cabarete a once quiet fishing village was discovered by wind surfers, but made global buy kite surfers. Kite boarding is an extreme water sport. Kite boarding can be done on flat water inside Cabarete Bay. Kite surfing is done on the reefs that lay just outside the bay, where the waves are. It appeals to all the come to Cabarete. It is the topic of most conversations at the bar and is the reason that Cabarete is what it is today.

The wind blows at a perfect cross-shore in Cabarete bay. The wind blows like this nearly everyday. People come from all around the world to try kiting and take kite lessons, to test their skills, or have the perfect kiting vacation. On any given day you will see hundreds of kites over the ocean. It truly is a spectacular sight.

Kite Beach, located just west of Cabarete is the heart of the kite action in Cabarete. In Kite Beach you will find many kite schools, locals busting racial moves, and many spectators enjoying the show. It is the place to be on a windy day.

What is great about kiting that it does not take a lot of time to learn. With the right instruction you can be up and riding as little as three or four days. The first day is usually done mostly on the beach. Here you will really dial in your skills of kite control. The first day usually ends with learning to body drag in the water. Once bitten by the kite bug it is all you will want to do!

We highly recommend trying kiting out while you are staying in Cabarete. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about kite boarding or set up for you to take a free beginner lesson.

Mountain Biking

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