Amber Cove Shore Excursions


The 27 WaterFalls of Damajuaga 1 park 3 options!

¡Hola and Welcome to our Amber Cove Shore Excursions page! We offer the best in Independent Adventure Tours. We have been running Eco-Adventure tours in Dominican Republic since 1998.

Experience the thrill of sliding, jumping, swimming, and floating through nature’s water park. Damajuagua is the number 1 tourist attraction on the north coast of Dominican Republic. Once you take your first plunge you will find out why!

NOTE: We offer 3 options to visit The 27 Waterfalls of  Damajuaga.

Amber Cove Shore Excursion Descriptions:

Amber Cove Shore Excusion Option 1: Easy waterfall visit

This option is best for elderly, children under 8 years old accompanied by an adult, and those with physical excursion problems. After a  short 20 minute easy hike, you will be at the first waterfall. Here you can explore, swim, relax, take photos, and wait for others that hiked further up the canyon. Once you have had your fun you are welcome to go back to the visitor’s center that has a bar, gift shop, and restrooms.

The cost for this excursion is $35 per person ages 8 and under $45 for all other ages. It includes transport, lunch, water, soft drinks, and a Dominican Rum drink after the tour.

Amber Cove Shore Excursion Option 2: The First 12 Waterfalls

This option is best for adults and children over the age of 8 years old and in good physical condition. After a moderate 40 minute hike through the beautiful Dominican jungle, you will come the 12th waterfall. Here’s where the wet fun begins. You will make your way down all 12 waterfalls, swimming, sliding, and jumping! No worries the big jumps can be hiked around!

The cost for this excursion is $45 per person ages 9-12, $55 13-16, $65 for ages 16 and older. It includes transport, lunch, water, soft drinks, and a Dominican Rum drink after the tour.

Amber Cove Shore Excustion Option 3: All 27 Waterfalls

This tour is only available for swimmers, age 12 years or older, and in good physical condition. This is adventure to the max! After a moderate 70 minute hike you will reach the top of the Damajagua. Here’s where the well deserved fun begins!

You make your way down swimming, jumping, sliding, and river scrambling all 27 Waterfalls. It’s an awesome experience and one that won’t be forgotten. Once you reach the last waterfall you will meet the rest of the group and make your way to lunch.

The cost for this excursion is $75 for ages 12-16, $85 for ages 16 and older. It includes transport, lunch, water, soft drinks, and a Dominican Rum drink after the tour.

*this tour is not acceptable for expecting mothers, cardiac, knee, or back issues.

Excursion Details:

A short distance from Amber Cove (25 minutes), once you meet your transport. Being an Independent Tour Operator, cruise companies will not let us wait in the transportation hub. We will be waiting outside the main gates next to the highway, a 10-15 minute walk. Our plan is to depart one hour after the ship makes port, please make your way to us as quickly as possible.


What to bring:

A pair of closed toed shoes or sandals (old tennis shoes work great), swimwear and a T Shirt that will get wet. A towel and a change of clothes/footwear for after the tour. We recommend women wear shorts over the top of swimsuits for protection on the slides.

We use Air conditioned buses, not open air trucks. We also have a long relationship with our transport company. Your valuables will be safe when you are not on the bus.

Important Information:

  1. If we have to cancel the trip due to environmental issues (too much water, etc) you will receive a full refund for your booked excursion. If there is a problem and the ship may not dock you will receive a refund minus $10 per person to help cover our expenses.
  2. If you booked a full 27 Waters and the water level is too low or too high, we will take you on the 12 waterfall tour and refund accordingly.

The total time for any waterfalls excursion is 5 hours. We under how important it is to be back at the ship with time to spare. Our goal is to have back at the port at least 1 hour before departure time. Even if the ship makes port late we can still make the waterfalls excursions, even if we need to skip lunch if necessary. We use online GPS resources to track ships. We are fully aware if a ship is running late.