Indoor waterfalls- Caving in Dominican Republic
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The Caving in Dominican Republic is amazing! The Dominican Republic is home is some the world’s most impressive caves. Most caves in the Dominican Republic are found only through local knowledge. Our cave, know as “La Cueva” is amazing and one of the most impressive caves that nobody knows about!

Our caving tour starts off with a pick up by your guide at your accommodation. You will then be transported to our base camp 45 minutes from Cabarete. There you will be greeted by a cup of Dominican coffee (upon request). At base camp you will be suited up for a caving adventure. After we are all ready we will have a safety briefing and then get back into our transportation and taken near to the cave’s enternce.

The short hike is through jungle and passes impressive views of the “Cordillera Septentrional.” The “Cordillera Septentrional” is the mountain range that runs the length of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The adventure continues once you reach a small canyon and begin one of 4 rappels that this tour includes.

After the last (and longest rappel) unto the cave floor, the caving continues as you will make your way through the cave for two hours give or take, guided only by your headlamp and your experienced guides. The cave is huge! The ceiling of the cave is between 10-50 meters high (32-165 feet). During part of the year the cave as a river flowing threw it from seasonal rains.

In the cave witness geological history in the making as stalagmites and stalactites are forming from thousands of years of constant dripping of water through the limestone cave ceiling.

Caving is not for the faint of heart nor the adventure inexperienced. We would rate this tour as advanced and extreme.

La Cueva Caving tour includes:

  • Transportation to and from your accommodation.
  • All Necessary equipment: harnesses, helmets, carabiners, rappelling gear, and wetsuits if needed.
  • Experienced and certified guides
  • A delicious Dominican lunch

What to bring:

  • Shoes that can get wet (the more traction the better)
  • Clothing that can get wet and a bit muddy
  • A high sense of adventure!

This total for this tour is $149USD (group rates may apply).

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