How to Make Big Jumps Like a Pro

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Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping

So those big jumps in the canyon look like fun? Of course they do. We understand that making big jumps is not for everyone, but that’s why the canyon is full of adventure options. Our most popular tour in the canyon is The Magic Mushroom. In the is tour there is an option for a jump that is between 45 and 53 feet (13.7-16.2 meters). For those that want the ultimate rush this will probably be the highest jump that they will ever make in their life.

But the goal in this canyoning option is that you make this big jump like a pro, not just fall off a cliff. First and foremost a high jump off an uneven cliff is mind game. Your brain is both trying to protect your life and make sure that it derives pleasure for its bravery. I will say the longer you wait once you are at the cliff, the longer your brain has to make up frightening scenarios. I always tell people to commit to that first feeling to jump.

Now for the jump itself it’s all about body control and using gravity as your friend, not your foe. The unfortunate thing about this is that once you have committed to the jump and leaped into the air, your body is in the worst possible body position to land in the deep pool below.

It all starts with your eyes. Once you are in the air, looking down at where your landing compacts the body and gets it ready to absorb the impact of hitting the water. Your feet need to be somewhat together and a slight bend to the knees. If you bend the knees too much you will land on your butt. The last thing to do is bring the arms in so they don’t get smacked on impact.

If you are interested in canyoning and making or at least watching someone making this jump please contact us and make a reservation for nature’s ultimate rush.

If you want to watch a short, yet really cool video of others making this 50 foot jump, including the Steve-O from Jackass, just follow the link below.


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